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The mistake is that already someone posts a picture just showing the player's arms. that is almost meaningless in an attacking shot. The most important thing is your feet. what stance do you use? It matters more than anything. Balance is everything in this case.

I attack a lot of short balls with a closed or semi open stance. That way my weight is coming forward and I am stepping through the shot. I feel that is the most important key. Sometimes I need to stay open. Example : a short ball to the ad side that I want to hit an inside out forehand on CC. I hit from an open stance in that situation.

As stated above me, the volley is the same thing. You have to be moving into and through the ball. That is the most important part of the volley. The racquet is just going along for the ride. Studying how azarenka angles her racquet face is a dead end IMO.

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