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Originally Posted by TW Staff View Post

I talked to all of our playtesters and here are our current main racquet(s):

Brittany:Yonex VCORE 100S (but excited to try the updated version next week)
Chris: Volkl C10 Pro/Wilson Pro Staff 6.0 95/Head Youtek IG Prestige MP
Andy: Yonex RDiS 100 Mid/Head MicroGEL Radical Mp Customized
Jason:Boris Becker Delta Core London Customized/Wilson Steam 99 or 99S
Siobhan: Babolat AeroPro Drive 2013
Spencer: Wilson Steam 99 S/ Head Youtek IG Extreme Pro 2.0
Tiffani: Donnay Formula 100/ ProKennex Q5 295
Karly: Wilson NTour 95/ Wilson Steam 96

As you can see, some can't choose only one (aka Chris)!

Brittany, TW
how is the 6.0 95 one of chris' main racquets?? its been discontinued for years?

please tell me its getting another lifecycle

btw chris...i just obtained a green braided 6.0 95...i'll trade you for your original prestige pro...the one from the 80s....

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