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Originally Posted by Tmano View Post
I have been thinking about moving somewhere else in the US because definitely tired of the long snowy cold Wisconsin's winters. I love the snow and back home I used to snoboarding a lot but here there are just a few little hills. Most important the tennis scene does not exist. Maybe a couple of tourneys during the winter an few over the summer.
when I tell my wife ( who is American ) let's move she says "let's go" but honestly in this economy it would be hard to find a decent job as I have right now without having a college degree and I get more frustrated.
I would love to live in a place where I could play tourney and tennis all year long but as now I'm stuck in Wisconsin.....
BTW any member of on the board from WI?
Everyone knows where the good weather is in the US, that's why those areas are overcrowded, with the job issues that that results in.

If you are young, I would move to an area that has a reputation for being a bit colder than what you prefer and over the decades it will warm up nicely to perfect weather while the old standby SunBelt will melt into drought and terrible weather.
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