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Originally Posted by corners View Post
The most important info on Monogut ZX is that zyex is the only string material other than natural gut to not increases in stiffness at higher tensions. Monogut ZX is about 10-15% stiffer than natural gut, and only about 60% as stiff as the softest copolys. So I would string accordingly: as a cross with gut mains I would string both the gut mains and the ZX crosses tighter than you would with gut/copoly. The cool thing is that even if you bump up the tension by 10 pounds the gut/ZX will still produce a faster shot than gut/copoly because the dynamic stiffness of both the gut and the zyex will stay pretty much constant as you increase in tension. But the strings will deflect less at higher tensions, so you will have more control and a more consistent shot-to-shot response.

Monogut ZX would also be very interesting as a gut replacement in a gut/copoly setup. It does not have quite the energy return of natural gut, but if strung 5 pounds tighter I think ZX/copoly would be worth a punt.

Perhaps even better would be as a cross with a shaped copoly main. ZX is much less stiff and also slippier than any multi, so it should excel as a cross with copoly mains.

Sorry to barge in with the unsolicited advice!
I still have half a set of WC B5E somewhere, I'll use it as a cross for Zyex. Something tells me that Zyex mains will not snap back, but it's just a gut feeling

Wait, you meant shaped poly mains, now it makes sense! I will use Black Widow then
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