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Originally Posted by pc1 View Post
You realize that one of the fun discussions in ANY SPORT is who is the greatest of all time. So while you believe that there is no such thing, others like to discuss it. It is enjoyable for many. It has been perhaps the most discuss topic in sports. Who is the best boxer? Who is the best baseball team? Who is the best hitter in baseball? Who is the best NFL quarterback?

Okay I get your message but if there is no GOAT you can also discuss who accomplished the most. For example the NY Yankees in baseball won the most World Series etc.
Sure, it should be fun but you've got to admit, way too many of the guys on this message board take it way too seriously. Kind of like, their desperate need to crown one player the 'greatest of all time' is a testament to their devotion to that player or an indication of their all-encompassing knowledge of the game. Either way, turns a bit of fun into a bore-fest.

Who won what is wildly different to who 'accomplished' the most because 'accomplished' is still highly subjective. Yeah, we should be sane enough to understand what you meant but that just doesn't happen with fanboys and zealots.
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