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Originally Posted by TennisA View Post
I generally go with my partner's call unless it's completely off. If my opponents continue questioning the call after I verify my partner's call, I usually end up offering to replay the point. No point arguing for 20 minutes over a call
I appreciate the spirit of this thinking, but I encourage everyone to occasionally go back and read "The Code" along with the rules, just to help with a sense of clarity out there more often than not.

The way our game is intended is that we only take points that we've earned. Opponents get the benefit of the doubt. I think it's as simple as can be to stick with the rule of thumb where if there is doubt, there is no doubt. That means the point goes to your opponent(s) unless you know you've won it.

Whenever we consider replaying a point (I've done it, too), we're kidding ourselves - there's doubt, yet we're not giving the point to our opponents. Maybe it keeps the peace, but it leaves that lingering air of uncertainty hanging over the match. If your opponent can't respect your overrule... well, that sucks, but I prefer not to be bullied into cheating.
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