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Originally Posted by TW Staff View Post
Hi TripleB,

I'm personally a big fan of the Pro Kennex Q5 295 and currently have it strung up with X-One Biphase.

Tiffani, TW
Tiffani...I greatly appreciate your input and the link you posted.

Some of the things you said that really 'hit home' were:
- Power like the Pure Drive; I've used the PD Cortex in the past and thought the power level was perfect, just a bit tough on my arm
- Bigger Punch on your Forehand side; my forehand is my weaker side and I struggle to create enough power on that side as well...especially compared to my 2 handed backhand
- Arm friendly feel; due to my cartilage problems and surgery this past Monday I've not played in over 7 weeks but my right elbow still has some pain so I'm looking for something easy on my arm
- 'Crisp but not jarring or mushy'; hate mushy racquets but it seems tough finding something easy on the arm but doesn't have a mushy feel

Again, I greatly appreciate your input and look forward to reading more about this racquet.

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