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Quick story about Gary...

So, last year we were at Districts in Norfolk. We had won our 1st match 4-1 and were pretty confident we would win the 3rd match. It was the 2nd match vs NOVA Big Shots we were concerned about, mostly because it was scheduled @ 8AM Sun morning.

Well, Gary shows up at the hotel bar ~ 11PM Saturday night, just as everyone is about to head off to bed. Long story short, Gary buys martinis for everyone, all night. The whole team, except me & my doubles partner, stay up until after 3AM drinking hard.

We finally get Gary out of bed at 7:30 (remember, our match is at 8 ), and I'm the stuckee that has to ride with him. He's driving through Norfolk towards ODU like Mario Andretti the whole time shaking his head saying (heavily accented) 'I probably shouldn't be driving'...

We arrive just as they call the teams, Gary & Vinnie are playing next to us and look like they about to blow chow on the court. We ended up losing the match 3-2, the wins coming from me & my partner and our 4.5 ringer (who's now a 5.0), and his win was a 3rd set tiebreaker vs someone he would have normally beat easily in straight sets.
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