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Originally Posted by MAXXply View Post
Just curious what your thoughts are about that
I'm referring mainly to the AeroPro Drive + and Pure Drive + models. I can live with the regular versions but it would be nice if they were slightly more headlight. If I don't wanna bother with lead mods, should I simply migrate to the Plusses?
i actually had an aero pro drive plus (before i returned it) and honestly you have to be a beast to use that thing. it is stiff and it's not as light as one may think when looking at the specs. i had a 1hbh and it was tough to get around, and generally, imo most plus racquests are geared for the 2 hander. does the 1/2 inch come in handy? well ask yourself how many times you just framed a volley or just missed a drop shot and that should answer your question. if you are strong and have a 2 hander and not 6" tall you may get some benefit from a plus size racquet, in particular the aeropro +.

one this i must say about the aeropro + is that spin is very easy to generate and has excellent plow through especially on slice and single hand returns, that is if you can get it around. it was just killing my arm and shoulder.
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