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Default Please specify which parts are bad

Originally Posted by boramiNYC View Post
sorry not a good piece of writing. you buy into this?
please specify which parts are bad from your point of view
My angle is as follows:
1."Power" of 1hbh vs 2hbh looks comparable according to the paper I quote for a specific group of college
students selected for this paper
2.I teach some combos of 2hbh with 1hbh.
Meaning majority of shots are hit with 2hbh
"Combos" do depend on a court location.
I teach 1hbh slice and volleys
I teach 1hbh for transition game
3.I am NOT sure about the quote from the original link
"Two handed backhand:
1. more stable racket at the moment of impact"
I am NOT even sure that I know what is the defintion of stable for this case.

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