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Default yes, many differences.

(Based on my exp with APD+ compared to APD and other standard length frames I've used)

On the plus side:
-Easier and more consistent depth on all shots- groundies, slice, and especially defensive shots. This made a huge difference in results, everything consistently at the opps baseline.
-Easier to hit hard, flat first serves. Much easier to get free points.
-More solid against heavy pace (I could feel the added leverage)
-Probably more spin

On the down side:
-Had a harder time hitting flat on either wing. Never mattered much in results b/c the APD+ has so much spin based power, but I did miss hitting flat winners, all kill shots had to be heavy spin for me.
-Mid court volleys were always tough, I'm a bad at those but it was even harder for me with the 27.5
-Often had wrist issues, and eventually shoulder issues with it. This is what killed it for me.

I hardly lost a match in my 2 years with the APD+ but I ultimately had to retire it and my wrist and shoulder still haven't totally recovered. I tried to switch down to the standard APD which was fine for me comfort-wise but it just did not do the same thing for me. My shots were shorter, with less weight, less depth control and less pop and % on my first serve.
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