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What You Need to Heal a Tendon Injury:

A Deep Tissue Therapeutic Inferno Wrap® to increase Bloodflow to the injured area (BFST® Therapy).

A Professional Cold Compression Freezie Wrap® to reduce inflammation (as soon as possible).

High Quality Therapeutic Ultrasound to increase the rate of recovery (decreases inflammation and flushes toxins from inflamed tissue) and to break down scar tissue later on.

These three treatments are the fundamental elements for rapid Tendon repair. These tools are what the top professional athletes use on injuries every single day. That's why they're playing grueling professional sports days or weeks after an injury. Until recently, if you weren't a professional athlete, you couldn't even get these treatments at home. The rest of us would get them in expensive physio therapy 3 times per week for weeks on end. The reason Pro athletes recover in days while the rest of us hurt for weeks is because professional athletes get these treatments 3 times each day instead of 3 times each week.
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