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What an incredible discussion. It would be as simple as letting the kids hit a few doublehanders and a few onehanders to see which fits best.

Saying the doublehander is best for everyone is false. I know a lot of players who have a very natural onehander. Just look at the pros. Would Guga, Gaudio, Becker, Edberg have been as good with doublehanders? I don't think so.

OTOH, a good doublehander is a joy to watch. Rios, Nalbandian, Djokovic and Agassi are models for that.

I do think coaches are lazy sometimes in wanting to teach exactly the same game style to everyone, i.e. looping topspin balls. I for one was taught that game when I was young, only to find in my mid twenties that mixing it up with flat shots can be way more effective.
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