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Originally Posted by downs_chris View Post
i'm not sure who started it, but i know somebody would've gotten seriously injured!
His legend grows

Originally Posted by McLovin View Post
And I would NOT want to mess w/ Gary. My doubles partner would refer to him as 'The Bolivian Necktie'.
Bolivian necktie. I like it

Originally Posted by Topaz View Post
Getting bumped ruined my plans of 8.0 with Gary. He volunteered to play 8.5 with me next year (he wasn't drunk). 'Cause he doesn't actually really need a partner at all!
Not drunk. Okay you ruined my next line! *insert drop shot joke*

P.s. Jrk send me a note. Have mixed martial arts question. Like how do counter a Bolivian necktie. Answer: buy Gary the next round.

Btw. Is his name Gary or something like Gabriel (said with a Spanish accent)

Pass me my dos xx
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