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It was me.

It's a 'Buy-it-Now' item and was listed 2 days ago. There have been two dozen lookers but I was the first to bite.

I resisted the hypnotic draw of the yellow on black paint scheme for as long as I could, but this morning I went 'oh, what the heck... this here is just too darn prrty to pass up".

Since I began thrifting a year ago, this is the first month I have batted .000 at all of my local stores. I am actually batting negative if I counted the $55 parking ticket I got last week in front of a Salvation Army store (in a stretch of curb where there have ALWAYS been parked cars for as long as I have visited the area, and at least 75 ft away from the nearest no-parking sign). What kind of heartless db would ticket Salvation Army patrons while they are rummaging through used undies?!

I felt it was ok to indulge a little under these circumstances.

The seller (perhaps he is a regular here? since he is obviously not a neophyte when it comes to tennis) included many photos with his listing, but I'll post a clearer picture when I receive the racquet. To me, it looks like this frame came out of the same mold as the PS 85. And if I am not mistaken, the 'SKQ' code situated above the 'W' is indicative of Taiwan manufacture; which would suggest that this is a lesser known stablemate of the Taiwan PS 85. The question is whether the graphite in this frame is braided or not.

Anyway, the yellow on black color scheme was the pinnacle of cool circa 1988. What was ultimate in 1988 will always be ultimate enough for me.
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