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Default FS/FT - Prince O3 Hybrid Shark Midplus

Selling my nearly new Prince O3 Hybrid Shark Midplus. Easily 9.5/10 condition. Has 1 or 2 very faint scuffs of headguard and a tiny part of the Prince decal has rubbed from another racket in my bag (not a chip or mark, just a 2mm piece of the lettering has gone - tiny).

It is a Grip 3 which was originally a grip 2 but with a professional heat sleeved grip on it at purchase.

It also has a premium leather grip and overgrip and weighs in at 346g strung. Hits a heavy ball and is rock solid and stable, certainly more so than my Head Extreme Pro 2.0 that I just sold also.

Looking for 65 shipped in UK. 75 in EU.

Nearly there...
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