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Originally Posted by allcourtplayer View Post
Hi guys I need some help.
I had a 95 square inch frame. 18x20 string pattern. Strung up with a hybrid set up
Gut in the mains with a soft poly in the crosses. Strung at 60/58
Yes It was the good natural gut from before the bht7.
That had been my usual set up. Hit like a dream, felt like velvet.
Then I got a new raquet. The Wilson blx pro staff 95. Same 95 square inch head side. But 16x19 string pattern I strung it up with the guy/ poly as usual. ( the new gut).same tension
It Feels like a board.
Yes,I have read about the old , new gut and I understand that could make it feel stiffer. So I will switch to Wilson guy next string job
But my question is what effect does going from 18x20 to 16x19 have on the feel of the strings if you keep the same tensions?
Should I be lowering the tension in the 16x19 to get it to feel softer like my other racquet feels ?
How do I adjust the tension so it feels the same as the 18x20.
The only difference is the string pattern.
Any help is appreciated

Just because the head size and/or string pattern are the same does not mean two rackets will play exactly alike. One could play like butter and the other like iron depending on the racket stiffness. You need an apples to apples comparison. 18x20 patterns always feel more like a board to me while 16x19 has a little more spring to it.
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