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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
Bobby one, I ranked off my hat because I did not contrast to full strertch the recirds, best ATP positions or H2H
So you could be right as far as Roche,Eddo,Okker and Riessen are concerned
It is so close over 11 yrs slot of time that there is
room for discussion, of course
But Roche and Okker where top players although were unable to win a
major title including Masters or WCT so bear that in mind
As for Rosewall it is very close with Newcombe and your point fits well but Newcombe won their most famous martches and that is a slighr edge
kiki, You are right that ranking 50 players is very difficult. You have done a great job, however.

Roche did not win an open major but the reason might be that in several finals he met Laver and Rosewall respectively who were awesome at that time.

Maybe you should include Ross Case and Geoff Masters.
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