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Been hitting with the 1.25mm as a full bed for the last couple of weeks (50lbs CP, JP 96/16x20).

Interesting and unusual characteristics to this string.

Firstly, it absolutely is not a spin orientated string. If you're looking for grab and bite on the ball this absolutely is not it. There many polys out there that offer spin and grab on the ball. Any one of Big Hitter Black 7, Tour Bite, B5E, Black Magic etc, offer significantly more spin potential.

Its much more of a control orientated string that produces a consistent ball off the stringbed, probably because there's not much 'give' to the string. Consistent, consistent, consistent.

It plays stiff(ish) though not uncomfortable to start with, but this is one thing I do not like about it - it stiffens and gets harder with hitting. Whatever little elasticity it had to begin with gets knocked out of it pretty quickly and it does become stiff. If you want a 'pockety' feeling poly, this aint it. If you want a string that's comfortable on the arm, this aint it.

Doesn't really have the best feel, even when freshly strung. It plays slightly dead.

Tension maintenance seems pretty good. I'm not noticing significant tension loss and when you put that together with the string stiffening, I'm guessing that SBS remains pretty constant or at least declines predictably.

I have to admit though that I'm less than thrilled by it as a full bed. If you're looking for a stiffish string that remains pretty consistent and not bothered by the lack of spin and bite, this may be of interest. Those with any arm sensitivites should tread carefully because it is not a soft co-poly and it tends to stiffen with repeated hitting.

I suspect its real potential may lie as cross with natural gut mains. That stiffness and good tension maintenance would complement the natural gut.

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