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You're in Mid-Atlantic. Must be north of here.

I'll put in a good word for the Richmond metro area. 2-hours from DC, mountains, beaches. Vibrant tennis community including over 200 4.5 Men with an 11-team 4.5 Adult flight and a 6-team 4.5 Seniors Flight (which will prob increase with the new 40+, 55+ categories). I can hook you up...whether you're interested in a club or playing as an independent. There's even been a book written about our town's tennis.

Seriously, we have a relatively low cost of living...yet the amenities can be large.

Why are you looking to leave where you are?

EDIT to add: after noticing your UserID...I'm also highly involved with our local American Legion Post. Lot of vets around here. Your kind, sir, are welcome.
A 3.5 masquerading around with a 4.0 mask on.

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