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Originally Posted by Dan Lobb View Post
In the book ghosted by Bud Collins, Laver states.."I still think that I played the best tennis of my life in the Stade Coubertin final in 1963.." in the context of praising Rosewall's game.
Okay, Dan, but if Laver actually played his best tennis and still lost to Rosewall, why do you rank Laver ahead of Rosewall?

And why does Rod rank Muscles only at sixth place in his pre-open era list?

By the way, Bud Collins rates their 1966 US Pro final (when Laver beat Rosewall in five sets) as the best of their famous encounters. But I concede that Bud maybe has not watched the 1963 French Pro final (and some of the Wembley finals).

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