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Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
And? Do you realise that 11 of Djokovic's 14 wins over Nadal were on hardcourts? And before 2011, that was 7 out of 7 on hardcourts.

I need to see Nadal in action first. If he's playing well on the clay, then certainly.

On what do you base these assumptions?

False. Nadal won 3 of their 4 matches in 2012.

Novak has an advantage on hardcourts, which is the majority of the circuit. Since his dominant year in 2011 he has been 2-3 on clay against nadal, and convincingly beat nadal at wimbledon in 2011. He will also have the advantage in the fall season where nadal has been woeful.

I dont why you keep bringing up his record on clay against novak on clay in 2012, since the frame of reference is 2011 when djokovic became the best player in the world. Before that certainly nadal was better than the still maturing novak djokovic.

I base my assumptions on reasoning. It is highly unlikely that nadal will return to his best form on clay so soon, and he will need close to it to beat post 2011 djokovic.

Is it possible for nadal to come out and dominate on clay like he always does? Yes, but unlikely after such a long layoff. He is not going to be match tough or match sharp by the time the french rolls around to beat novak, as long as nole is in the draw.

Nadal has not forgotten to play tennis, but he will need time to gain those fine margins that allow him to win close matches.

Djokovic has regained #1 since the time nadal left the game. Nadal in contrast has been fishing and cycling.

You tell me who has the better outlook. LOL.

I would say that nadal will probably win rg in 2014 but 2013 will be too early.

Djokovic will continue to dominate nadal since 2011 maintaining the edge on hardcourts, cutting into nadal on clay and beating him on most other surfaces including grass should they meet.
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