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Au$10 (basically US$10 these days) is pretty cheap for a 4 ball can of premium balls nowdays in Aussie. I've seen them up in the $13-$14 mark. The same balls - no joke - cost about US$15-16 in NZ.

A few times over the years I have tried to convince the odd online retailer in the US to ship a case of balls to Aus when I was there and it's worked once or twice.

It seems oddly hypocritical that TW happily ships Wilson tennis racquets and Nike shoes etc pretty much anywhere in the world despite it technically being banned by the suppliers and often stated on the product pages (Wilson for example) ... but, on the other hand, they wont ship balls overseas.

I'd really like to know why? If someone is happy to pay the shipping I can't see much reason not to other than sneaky protectionism reasons for local dists.

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