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Originally Posted by NickC View Post
Bale had an OK match, I saw he had a part in the own goal but other than that looked good going forward. That was a wicked free kick though.

I don't think he'd fit at Real Madrid, they already have 2 attacking left backs, among a derth of awesome left sided players. He's not better than Ozil nor Di Maria, so he wouldn't play up top, he is too fast to sit in the midfield, and Marcelo is a better defender than him (which isn't saying much) as is Coentrao.

At Barcelona, would they start him over Jordi Alba? I don't think so, but they'd find room in their side for him.

Maybe he could head to Serie A instead, Juve or Inter would suit him nicely. He'd be awesome at Napoli in their system but that'd be a step sideways in his game and not a step forward.
I've never really been sure why Barcelona are linked with him every summer. He's a great player, but he wouldn't really fit in with what they do there I wouldn't of thought.

He would be good at left back I suppose, it would add a nice balance to Alves on the other side. I can't really imagine them paying £50 Million for a left back though especially when they already have Alba, as you say, who is plenty good enough.

Madrid may be an option, they would have to get rid of at least one of Coentrao and Marcelo to make room and raise funds. Mourinho likes him for sure, but it doesn't look like he will be there next season.
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