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Originally Posted by tistrapukcipeht View Post
So you guys recommend Dunlop Grand Prix and Slazenger (4 can ball)??
I am currently playing with Dunlop Grand Prix balls - after having read some reviews I expected them to last longer.

They seem to lose their fuzz pretty fast and they also don't bounce as much as I would like them to either. "Dunlop Fort" felt better and were also more durable. Just a better ball overall, but some people are not fond of how they feel. They are bouncier and feel a bit heavier and harder - similar to Slazenger, but the latter ones are probably more playable and better quality IMO.

If I definitely had to consider Dunlop Grand Prix, I would probably rather buy Wilson US Open balls instead. Playable right out of the box and as-much-as-you-pay-for durability. Some QC issues might occur, but you know what to expect.

I do not know why people like Dunlop Grand Prix
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