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Default Getting Disqualified (DQ'd)

I'm sure this has been brought up in some capacity before, but is there any sort of human action that goes into a player get DQ'd? Or is it just the computer scoring system that decides??

I ask this, because of one instance about a year and a half ago during our 4.0 men's adult league season. Here is the back story: There were 3 teams vying for the local title. There is my team, the Champs, (Team A), the runner-up (Team B), and the 3rd place team (Team C).

About 2/3rds of the way through the season, Team C was already out of contention. The captains of Teams C and B had never gotten along, and that year, Team B ended up with a self-rater on the team. This guy was good and was undefeated at that point. None of the scores were blowouts, but some of the players on Team C, including the captain, swear they saw him tanking games on purpose. This got Team C's captain pretty angry.

So anyways, one evening, Team A had a match against the 4th place team, while Teams B and C were playing their final regular season match. Randomly there was a local official out there watching the self-rater play. He wasn't officiating the match, but kept alternating viewpoints between right next to court and from the bleachers two courts away. It was kind of sketchy, I thought. This official was also friends with the captain of Team C.

The very next day, the self-rater was DQ'd. One of Team B's matches reversed to a loss, and we (Team A) finished Team B off two days later in our final regular season match.

I just thought this event was kind of weird, and a little sketchy, so I thought I'd ask the question.

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