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Originally Posted by maxpotapov View Post
I said "by today's standards", meaning players are spoiled by racquets that really help to arc the ball over the net. If they try something like Prestige Mid, it feels like skating rink. It takes ridiculous amount of effort to get more rpms with 18x20 89 sq in, compared to "modern racquets". The only way to make it easier is to use some sharp poly in the mains, like PolyStar Turbo or Dunlop Black Widow.

It is perfectly fine for oldskool flat hitters (no offence), as long as you don't try to Nadal the ball with it. My shoulder still hurts from such experiments and I need a stringbed that will launch the ball much higher, given natural gut / poly setup.
All respect intended, but speak for yourself. My shots were dipping just as much with the mid as they were with my Dunlops. Just that my shots were dipping more with the Pro, and I was looking for that.
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