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Originally Posted by cc0509 View Post
You keep repeating this same thing over and over, but Nadal has not yet defeated Djokovic off clay since all of those 2011 beatings.
You say that like it's a big thing, when Djokovic has only beaten Nadal in 3 out of 17 matches off of hardcourts. Even on hardcourts, Nadal has registered some big wins over Djokovic.

Originally Posted by cc0509 View Post
His defeats against Djokovic on clay tell us nothing about his future matches off clay. It remains to be seen if the current Nadal can defeat Djokovic in a slam off clay.
Why are you so certain that Djokovic can beat Nadal in a major off clay? Based on 2011? Djokovic may have finished 2012 as a world number 1, and deservedly so, but I never got the feeling that he was back to his 2011 self towards the end of the year, just that he was the best player in a year where all the top guys did some good.
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