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Originally Posted by Feña14 View Post
I've never really been sure why Barcelona are linked with him every summer. He's a great player, but he wouldn't really fit in with what they do there I wouldn't of thought.

He would be good at left back I suppose, it would add a nice balance to Alves on the other side. I can't really imagine them paying £50 Million for a left back though especially when they already have Alba, as you say, who is plenty good enough.

Madrid may be an option, they would have to get rid of at least one of Coentrao and Marcelo to make room and raise funds. Mourinho likes him for sure, but it doesn't look like he will be there next season.
He'd fit in at Barcelona by playing the same role Coentrao plays normally - an all action deep midfielder who sits near a defensive midfielder and can get the ball forward quickly, has a good shot and can defend. And pass too, obviously. I think him playing alongside Masch would be cool he'd be like a deep lying player, being able to bring Alba and Alves into the fold if they're not there already. He's plenty fast too so he can provide support on the wings. I could see him there honestly.

But it won't happen, last time they paid stupid money for a player they didn't need was when they let Eto'o go for 30 million plus Zlatan. And how'd that turn out?
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