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Originally Posted by luvn10is View Post
Yeah, that's a pretty decent name to have to run across in league play. I mean, he's no Roger but he isn't Louie the Human Resources guy either.

In Atlanta you wouldn't have had any of these problems because that guy wouldn't have played a match. We have this chick here who plays AA ALTA. Her claim to fame is she played Serena around the turn of the century and took a set off her. When USTA's self-rating was a joke, she signed up for a 4.5 team. I don't think her name stayed on the roster a day before another captain found out and had it pulled. We take tennis way too serious here. A good captain keeps watch on them rosters.

But when it comes to under-rating, the shadiest thing I've seen happened a few years ago, after USTA started getting stricter. One of the local juniors graduated and moved home from a college where she'd been a scholarship player for 4 years. An 8.0 captain saw her hitting one day and talked her onto her team with a 3.5 rating. The young woman dressed down her game best she could and finished that season with no complaints. She had made it halfway through the ladies' season before somebody decided to look her up.

USTA did not take this lightly. Determined that the 8.0 captain was just as guilty they tried to suspend her but the player took full responsibility. The player was kicked out for a year and bumped up to 5.5. She appealed when her suspension was over but no dice.

Somebody told me they saw her hitting and asked why she wasted her talents on 3.5. She said that after playing competition tennis for most her life, she liked those particular teams because there was no stress plus they partied hard. It made tennis fun again.
Yeah he's definitely no Roger ... I mean Roger never got a gold medal in singles ... oh wait we're arguing that Roger would be the stronger player lol

I think a 40ish yr old former gold medalist playing as a 4.5 may get the sandbagger of the year award
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