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Originally Posted by julian View Post
please specify which parts are bad from your point of view
My angle is as follows:
1."Power" of 1hbh vs 2hbh looks comparable according to the paper I quote for a specific group of college
students selected for this paper
2.I teach some combos of 2hbh with 1hbh.
Meaning majority of shots are hit with 2hbh
"Combos" do depend on a court location.
I teach 1hbh slice and volleys
I teach 1hbh for transition game
3.I am NOT sure about the quote from the original link
"Two handed backhand:
1. more stable racket at the moment of impact"
I am NOT even sure that I know what is the defintion of stable for this case.
"they always state disadvantages and advantages of one and the other or their subjective feeling toward one or the other backhand"
>>he is doing exact thing he is blaming others for.

"If we agree on definition of better(more efficient for tennis competition ) it is not hard to see which one is better by comparing its advantages and disadvantages"
>>I guess he's never seen top pros using 1hbh.

"More reliable – means which one will perform better in crounch situations.By common sense is known that in tight situations players have to use bigger body parts to lessen the impact of musles tightening.This is again in favor of two handed backhand"
>>not very 'common' and not really make 'sense'.

"More consistent- it means with which one you can hit more or less the same shot over and over again.It is obvious;two handed backhand because two hands on the handle enable more controlled backswing and more stable position of racket at impact"
>>nothing's obvious. 2 hands thus more controlled backswing thus more consistent? is this a joke?

"More precise- again two handed backhand because of the things just mentioned, and also because the margin for error for one handed bachand is higher due to more precise positioning in relation to the ball"
>>again completely baseless

"More versatile- two hander is much more versatile than one hander.With two hander you can hit drive,different topspins,topspin lob,short topspin cross,half-volley,balls on the rise,high balls with topspin or on the rise,and all these different shots are much more easier to execute on one hand (much higher percentage of success), and with more variation on the other hand than using one handed backhand .Furthermore , players who use two handed backhand easyly transfer this technique to hit drive and topspin (very difficult shots hit with one hand)volleys ."
>>again completely baseless. he should count how many different kinds of backhand djokovic or murray hit in a match. he's living in a 2hbh fantasy land.

"Better diguise- again there is no comparison between the two.Two hander is far out because of the other hand which will help to overcome different ponts of contact what is not case with one handed backhand.This luxury to commit a bit later is the main point in disguising a shot (keeping the intentions to you till is too late for opponent to react)"
>>another hand so variable contact points? can't believe he's coaching tennis. feel sorry for his students. really.

"More power- power at one handed backhand comes mostly by stepping into the ball;rotation of the body, and backswing are second in line .When htiting two handed backhand power can come also from stepping into the ball (lateral force),but as well as rotating upper body around head (angular force), and to lessen degree from the backswing..So it obvious that two hander has edge over one hander."
>>if this reasoning and understanding of biomechanics makes this obvious to him, it's quite obvious that he should study more not write a statement of superiority.

"Return of serve- it is almost impossible to return fast flat serves on fast surface using one handed backhand drive,topspin because by using one hander you cannot adjust your backswing length and by not adjusting it you are late, and when you are late there is no way to hit one handed backhand (there is not second hand to come around on the ball).Also because of less difficult stroke mechanics player who uses two hander can
quicker prepare which is of paramount importance for return of serve"
>>he should watch more pro tennis. top pros using 1hbh regularly do this albeit with less authority at times than 2hbh.

Hope this is enough. The rest is just as worthless analyses as above. The author prides himself as being a persistent guy I read somewhere else and he should have used that talent in how to think more clearly in college. Good grief!

How did ITF stamps their seal on such a piece? Pure garbage.

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