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Originally Posted by Andyroo10567 View Post
How come there is a playtest for this string but its already released out on the website for $8.99 in red? I see that there is no 17g version of the Volkl Cyclone Tour. Is this the one we are going to be playing with?

In the past, this is more often done than not. For example, RPM Blast was released in January 2010. It just got a TW Review a few months back. Most people are not familiar with Volkl as a brand, much less their strings. By doing these playtests (assuming they're good), you get exposure to another facet of the string market. I asked the question in I believe the last thread whether the TTW playtests are used in marketing decisions or just to let people know, and the answer is both. As an example, Wilson sent out a TTW playtest of Spin Cycle even though it was to be released. They also sent out a TTW playtest of some blue poly which was absolutely horrendous. That's not on the market. Gamma's stringinetti playtest also appears to have been a flop.
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