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Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
In the past, this is more often done than not. For example, RPM Blast was released in January 2010. It just got a TW Review a few months back. Most people are not familiar with Volkl as a brand, much less their strings. By doing these playtests (assuming they're good), you get exposure to another facet of the string market. I asked the question in I believe the last thread whether the TTW playtests are used in marketing decisions or just to let people know, and the answer is both. As an example, Wilson sent out a TTW playtest of Spin Cycle even though it was to be released. They also sent out a TTW playtest of some blue poly which was absolutely horrendous. That's not on the market. Gamma's stringinetti playtest also appears to have been a flop.
Ah ok thanks!
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