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Originally Posted by TheLambsheadrep View Post
I based what I know now on this vid - . I measured the longest part of my grip and found (based on the 20-30% shrink compensation factor whatever) i need between 45-48mm diameter, or an easy 50mm.

my question from above - How much would the bays items 181011923575 or 251009331932 increase grip size, closer to a half or full size?
Thx bro! That is a very helpful video indeed. Hopefully 20-30% extra width would adequately compensate for the 7-sided bevel edge "angling" on our racket grips.

Also, i'm not too sure how to distinguish btw 1/2 & full sized sleeves, so why not use an O/G if just bumping up 1/2? There's a youtube video which says half/white sleeves are quite messy to use, as it's thinness easily causes folds, creases, etc

Good day!
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