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Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
Then truth be told, this thread is absolutely pointless, with all due respect. I promise you that you will not find measureable increases in spin beyond full Tour Bite. Maybe a few RPMs here or there on certain shots depending on tensions chosen, but what you're asking for does not exist. Tour Bite provides a simply preposterously heavy ball. One of my main hitting partners switched to one of his sticks strung with TB without me noticing. I realized after the first ball that the string was not the same. The ball was coming in faster, and kicking off the court which caused me to have to readjust to his shots. Not many strings can have such an effect when compared to the full poly he'd been using before. Now, to be fair, the TB stick was lighter so he was getting greater RHS, but only TB, Tourna BHBR and gut/Co Focus have caused opponents to tell me personally that my ball was hard to handle. Of the three, TB is the heaviest, gut/poly gives you the most overall spin, and BHBR is an in between.
Aren't almost all of the threads in "Strings"?
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