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On court and off court combined Kramer is top 3 ever along Borg and Tilden
Those 3 took the game beyond what they had found when starting
TILDEN made it a popular sport beyond elite clubs and settled new tactical and tecnichal standarts
Kramer influenced 2 or 3 generations with The Big Game and % tennis,much helped by great and underrated Kramer mate,Tex Schroeder
He also developed pro tennis and tennis worldwide organization like no one else did and will do
And he prepared the way to the golden era and tennis star ststem explosion rhat Borg led, and Borg also influenced next 2-3 generations with top spin invention
All other players could be spendable in historics terms
But without the magic link Tilden-Kramer-Borg the game wouln not be what we have known and that puts them in their own league
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