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Originally Posted by Poobah View Post
Thanks for the responses - keep 'em coming! As I said, price is not a priority over function for me. I had not heard that the lining in the Aero bags is suspect...that makes me pause...

I'm checking out those other bags - the Prince Tour Team 12 is definitely at or near the top of my list now - thanks for that suggestion, loosegroove! Not sure how I missed seeing it before.

Chotoboka - Thanks for the suggestions. TW doesn't seem to carry the TF VO2 M12 anymore but I was able to manipulate the weblinks from the M9 to bring it up anyway and check it out. Looks pretty good - no climate/thermal lining though - but I like the organization. The Pacific Basalt-X Pro Thermal 2XL Bag looks pretty sweet and could meet my needs as well... I had looked at the Pacific Basalt ones previously and discounted them because they looked like duffel bags with one big compartment...I somehow missed the thermal one... This definitely makes the list.

The list is growing...any other bags I should consider or insights into the ones already mentioned based on your experiences before I start narrowing it down and making a choice?

Thank you all again for helping!
The VO2 12 Pack is cavernous and has two features that are best of breed: (1) the backpack system is simply better than anything else out there; (2) the completely separate wet/shoe area is unique and also better than anything else available. Lack of thermal has never been a problem with years of use in SoCal, Japan and SE Asian summers. I regularly carry racquets strung with natural gut.

The Pacific holds its shape really well. Really, really well. And, both racquet compartments are thermal. Thermal is extremely high quality in terms of both material and manufacturing. Shoulder straps are pretty much just OK -- nothing special -- just normal. Not like the TF's. Grab handle system is robust. Although this is tagged as XXL, think super six pack. Having switched from TF to Fisher and Pacific racquets (due to injury) I have no gripes about using this bag once I dialed in my own way of packing it. However, I would have never left TF if it weren't for the equipment change.

Another one to consider is the Tecnifibre Stand Bag. I also have this one and, while it doesn't have the capacity of the VO2 Max, it is a great bag. Even better compartmentalization, great backpack system and great overall cool quotient.

Too bad there isn't a demo program for bags
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