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Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
All respect intended, but speak for yourself. My shots were dipping just as much with the mid as they were with my Dunlops. Just that my shots were dipping more with the Pro, and I was looking for that.
Same with me, as I often switch to Dunlop MW 200G. But I was talking about how high it clears the net, not how fast it dips into the court. My point was, more open string patterns tend to launch the ball higher, which makes it possible to use more "slippery" strings in the mains (not necessarily the sharpest polys). If my Prestige Mid is freshly strung with PolyStar Turbo mains, I can get any running forehand over the net with extreme top spin (my favorite shot). Especially with new set of balls. But when the mains lose their bite, it becomes increasingly difficult to clear the net in such situations. Less so with Dunlop MW 200G, even less so with Wilson BLX90 and no problem whatsoever with Prince EXO3 Tour 16x18 with any smooth poly.
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