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Originally Posted by Crisp View Post
Just interested in any techniques on how to string nat gut mains with a rough poly cross. I always find this very difficult as the rough poly is very difficult to string without roughing up the nat gut. Any ideas?
The main technique applied is definately patience!Don't rush the crosses, or your string job won't last very long. Very carefully weave the crosses over and under the gut mains.
In addition, if you pre-weave your next cross,make sure to arch it upwards.
I hope you know what I mean by this: Do not pull the cross through in a straight line, but arch it to the area where no crosses have been done yet(i.e. if you are stringing the crosses correctly from the top of the racket downwards you want to arch the string into the direction of the grip).This will create less friction on the mains, as the part of the racket where no crosses have been strung yet is obviously a lot softer than the area where crosses have already been strung.

Hope that helps!
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