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Default Nike Zoom Vapor 9 Tour VERY disapppointed in quality.

Hello everyone sorry the typo with the word disappointed in the heading.

I purchased the Nike Zoom Vapor 9 Tour Limited Edition shoe (White & Red sole) for $130 plus tax and of course shipping.....boy am I disappointed now less than 2 months of ownership. You know that feeling like you have just had your wallet pick pocketed by a con job. This is how I feel unfortunately today.

I can't begin to explain the care I have taken to keep my Nike Zoom Vapor 9 in tip top condition and looking white after each and every match I clean them carefully, which is only twice a week playing mild indoors sessions. I use a Tide stick to remove any black marks and then a paper towel to wipe clean so they look almost new....I do this every time and I'm not a hard core player with heavy feet.

During play I carefully make sure not to drag hard my left shoe if I need to get a low volley etc. But shoe dragging is a good form in tennis so why make a TOUR shoe that can't stand up to even brief mild shoe dragging. Seriously?????

To my dismay, the mesh on the shoe now has some holes and in some spots melting (mesh material seems like it's a plastic/fabric hybrid), I knew this was going to be a problem. Nike should have extended the toe drag barrier further to the side of the shoe but instead decided to leave it with mesh. This design was NO accident Nike knew what they were doing because they realized that people would wear these shoes out in less than a month or two and just go buy a few more pairs at $130 per pair.

Nike's City Court VII WIDE Men's shoe sells for $55 almost 1/3 less and will last 3 times much longer than the Zoom Vapor 9 Zoom that cost $130+.

As a Nike customer, I feel that I am being tricked by a corporation that wants to sell me what seems to "look" like an expensive shoe but is really cheap constructed shoe materials. The tongue on the inside looks like someone with scissors cut the sides exposing the yellow!! The mesh lasts as long as a Kleenex.
Nike is no longer interested in making a value and quality product in a shoe which is a path or road that's leading to destroying a great company. People are stupid like myself and bought the hype of the best shoe ever....not even close. I'm going to boycott Nike Vapor shoes until this problem is fixed.

The mesh on the shoe is probably a little thicker than that of a two ply paper towel,,.(okay joking but pretty close). The mesh is so so cheap Nike should me embarrassed they even made these shoes and advertised them as the Roger Federer's tournament shoe....that's insulting.

The shoe does offer lightness/looks and comfort but I need it to last one season minimum especially for my occasional playing on hard court they did cost $130! This could have been avoided if their toe guard was properly designed but someone higher up the corporate ladder knew people would buy more shoes if we make them fall apart after a few months use.

Here below are a few new pics of my complaints which clearly show the beginning stages of mesh shredding and a little bit of the (drag on) toe wearing down. It is so easy to burn a whole through these shoes in just one practice session with that mesh if you're not careful.

The bottom line is for the money these shoes should be MUCH better quality. They should fire the person who said lets put MESH on a tennis shoe so that they wear out in a month and have customers buy more shoes. Even La Ning can make a better shoe that will last longer.....seriously c'mon Nike stop being so CHEAP!!!!

I don't recommend these shoes at all unless you are absolutely in love and have ordered 7 pairs to make it past one season. I now have to take my shoes to a shoe repair shop and see if they can stitch real white leather in those spots that are exposed mesh holes near the sole. The mesh is going to wear out very, very quickly no matter how careful you play. I'm a 4.5 player with good technique and hardly drag but do have to tilt my left foot for obvious low volley shots or slices etc. This shoe does not measure up to the hype in terms of quality.

These are pictures of my left shoe, I'm a right handed player.

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