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Originally Posted by krosero View Post
Jimmy made that service winner, and on the next point he has another when Arthur's return is called out. The call is not loud, and Connors just drills the next shot crosscourt, apparently getting a letcord winner. Confusing moment, and the commentators say nothing. But it's the same linesman's voice on Jimmy's opening service point of the second set.

I think double-faults are included in UE totals today, but that has not always been true. I was just curious how you were doing it.

So 41 unforced errors by Connors, compared to only 23 by Ashe. Has to be considered one of the keys to the match, glad you did that stat.

One other question about your UE, do you ever judge a service return as unforced? Or do you just list all failed returns as service winners?

Basically what I'm asking is whether your totals for UE and service winners are entirely separate, or whether there's some overlap.
You are right, but the judge was really not loud enough I will fix that

No, they are just service winners and not UE.. I saw a lot of bad easy returns in this and in 1981. final but I just put them in service winners and not in unforced errors

I have stats for 1999. final too, maybe I can post them in thread about that match
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