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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
I only care about how I play.
Winning or losing matters little.
If I make a bunch of mistakes and win, it's cause for concern.
If I play really well and lose badly, no biggee, that means the opponent just played better.
Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
IF any of you care much about winning, go out and play lousy players every match. That gives you a better chance of winning.
OR, you can play against BETTER players as often as possible, giving you a great chance to lose, but also a chance to improve your tennis.
I like your attitude. This is how I'm approaching my return to tennis (after almost 40 years of not playing) as a relatively old guy. I'm having a lot of fun. Not winning much, but, I think, slowly improving. Playing against better players elevates and, I think, improves all aspects of my game.
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