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Originally Posted by charliefedererer View Post
The pronation pic is of a twist serve, so there is slightly less ulnar deviation at the wrist than a first serve.

Still, check out this video from Jim McLennan:
Racquet Angle on Serve

I was surprised at how few pics I could find of male players taken from directly in front or behind at ball impact to show the angles at their wrist and elbow.
But here are two I found:

Murray serving:

Ferrero serving

You say you have a "bad knee". Is there osteoarthritis or some type of tendon/ligament problem? If not, you may find you can have stronger legs - to help protect the knee joint - from doing squats and deadlifts, even if the weight lifted is quite modest.
Thanks for the video and great pics. I will try and post a vid of my second serve one day...but i never really thought or realised as much that a angled wrist works differently with different serves.

As for my knee...i would say its probably a little of everything you mentioned.
I once jumped and reached for a ball stuck in a fence, which made my knee more sensitive years back. But this may sound funny, but my car clutch combined with traffic, is placing too much strain on the knee. Combine it with this and that, and you sit with a overworked knee. I would not say i have weak legs in the sense that it needs muscle to protect it. But what is very strange is that my knee would very erratically "decide" for itsself it wants to be sore that day...not having done anything strange. My knee almost gets in a bad mood lol.
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