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Originally Posted by Bobby Jr View Post
Oddly, I've never worn a hole in any shoes in that spot. Maybe it's not the deliberate design feature/flaw that you think, rather that you don't wear your shoes in the typical locations that the majority do. Nike can't cater for everything and still make the shoe so it needs (basically) no wearing in. As some point there has to be a downside. Your particular wear pattern has found it.
If my wear pattern were any more minimal I may as well just frame the shoes. My soles are completely fine no problems there at all they look brand new. It's the side mesh without the proper toe guard in place that is shredding the mesh. Many, many players drag their left shoe side of their toe especially when sliding or reaching for a shot... how can you not? I see it hundreds of times with all players playing at my club this is the most common type of tennis movement. I can't always tipi toe over to a shot so I don't tear the mesh on the side of shoe....seriously. The design is terrible as I stated I feel robbed by Nike.
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