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Originally Posted by Cindysphinx View Post
Mostly correct.

Our rules say it is the responsibility of the non-defaulting captain to ensure that the bottom-up rule is followed. If players on lower courts start their matches before the default period, there is no move-up. Same result if non-defaulting captain chooses not to enforce the rule for whatever reason.

You'll often see a Tennislink entry with a default on Court One. That's usually somebody who got stuck in traffic and no one bothered to move the lower players up.
Yep what happened to us

Line one Singles played

They defaulted Line 2 singles - they had a no show

We defaulted line 1 doubles -We had a guy go to the wrong location so matches had started before he over ran the 15min mark and defaulted the match.

Line 2 doubles was played

They defaulted line 3 doubles- They had already planned to default # 3
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