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Originally Posted by Jpin76 View Post
Yes, tension was set correctly on machine.

I set racquet tune to syn gut for rip control since the app has a * next to syn gut which says "syn gut, nylon and multifilament." Other choices were gut, poly and Kevlar and I know rip doesn't fall into those categories.

Yes, I know my 5-7lb gap is pretty bad but I'm fairly new and I'll keep practicing.
The problem here is that you used a default string type. RIP Control is a unique string that is much less dense than your typical synthetic. I always use 16 gauge strings because I go through strings quickly. The default string factor for 16g syngut is 1.53, and all of the synthetics I used except for RIP Control were within .01 of the default value. I measured the string factor for RIP Control 16g at 1.34. This will result in a much lower reading. Since you have a drop weight stringer, it should take no more than 2 minutes for you to get a good string factor measurement if you follow the directions on RacquetTune.
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