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Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
The Penn champs even look cheap. The glue is always slathered on like it was toothpaste. I seriously don't know how anyone can use those for an actual match when there are other champ balls that are so much better.
Our cheap head pro uses those for our annual club tournament. You have to throw them away after 2 sets and get another can. Sigh...

Originally Posted by SystemicAnomaly View Post
Don't get me wrong. Even tho' I presented the shortcomings of the Penn Champs in posts #12 and #19, I still consider them a decent ball -- but definitely not as good as the premium balls that I listed. I do like the Penn Champs on a cold night because, unlike most other balls, they do not feel like rocks and tend to bounce a bit better cold than other balls.

I also consider the Penn Champs to be better balls than the Wilson Champs. However, as far as other Championship balls go, I would pick the Prince or Dunlop over Penn.
I prefer the Wilson Champs over the Penn Champs but to each his own. I've never noticed the Penn Champs to bounce much in any weather.
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