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Originally Posted by Ramon View Post
The problem here is that you used a default string type. RIP Control is a unique string that is much less dense than your typical synthetic. I always use 16 gauge strings because I go through strings quickly. The default string factor for 16g syngut is 1.53, and all of the synthetics I used except for RIP Control were within .01 of the default value. I measured the string factor for RIP Control 16g at 1.34. This will result in a much lower reading. Since you have a drop weight stringer, it should take no more than 2 minutes for you to get a good string factor measurement if you follow the directions on RacquetTune.
That does not surprise me that RIP Control is so far off the mark from the default. The string is so far off the mark from a typical multi, for some it is great and others it is terrible.
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