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So to do a final recap here is what I now know.

Old brown mid caps = 33g
LM mid caps = 33g
New black MG/You Tek = 28.5g and the plastic quality is terrible, we are talking about a much thinner and softer cap here.
Feel wise, they okay the same if you use poly you won't tell a difference, maybe if you use gut and are super human and sensitive racket maniac you may feel something, but I use a new set of MG caps on one original PP brown, and the old set on the other, because as it hapoens this brings the two frames I own to EXACTLY same balance and distributes the weight more evenly trough the racket than lead tape, there is a 0.5g difference in overall pickup weight, but who cares I can't notice that.

By the way, I was surprised by the 5g difference in weight and a 2 point difference in balance between these two classic Austrian beauties, I would have thought they would have had better quality control back in the day, but maybe I am to demanding!
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