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I agree that the "forehand slice" shot is generally normal when one is really on the run. Like a defensive lob or a defensive slice, except on the forehand. But that low percentage "squash like" you see these days, to me, is a far from ideal and lazy stroke. It is played with the wrist and not proper technique like one would normally play a backhand or forehand slice.
One can defensively play just as much spin, except topspin, and loop the ball to give yourself time to recover. Or one could reach the ball with better footwork, and play a forehand slice with the correct technique. Any spin slows a ball down. The miracle squash shot is just too low percentage and that can become a bad habit very quickly.

Questions to ask are:
- could you have used better footwork to reach the ball in time?
- could you play topspin or proper technique slice instead?
- Are you serious in hitting that in a a match or leisurely just hitting a fun shot socially?

Imo: Serious shot, hardly ever...leisure shot, sure.
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